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Perfectly Cooked Meats
End to End and Edge to Edge.

Midwest Kitchens provides the convenience and labor saving benefits of consistently cooked meats, with a "just out of the oven" juicy tenderness.

Beef Tenderloin

A perfectly trimmed tenderloin, lightly seasoned and slow cooked in its own juices. Whether you serve it as filet mignon or use it on a beautiful carving station, every cut from head to tail will be cooked a perfect medium rare. See a video!


Boneless Chuck
Short Ribs

These tender, melt-in-your-mouth short ribs are at home on any menu, from casual to upscale. The pre-cooked convenience makes them manageable for any kitchen staff. A great comfort food menu option.

TIME SAVED: 6-8 hrs.

Prime Rib

A banquet and catering lifeline! You can serve one, ten, or hundreds of guests perfectly done prime rib without worry. Every rib is perfectly cooked end to end and edge to edge, so you can focus on other matters.

TIME SAVED: 3 hrs.

Chuck Roll

Fall apart tender with big beef flavor, chuck roll has a place on any menu at breakfast, lunch and dinner. You'll notice its easy shredding characteristics are ideal for multiple culinary applications. Your customers will notice the juicy, tender flavor.

TIME SAVED: 3-4 hrs.

Cap-Off Royal Round

The Perfect Roast Beef! A completely cleaned cap-off royal round made from only the heart of the top round. Cooked to a beautiful medium rare. The best choice for fresh sliced roast beef.

TIME SAVED: 4 hrs.

Pot Roast Portions

Perfectly cooked, tender pot roast packaged in convenient 4 oz. portions. A great solution for schools, senior living facilities and busy restaurants. See a video!

Boneless Pork Loin

Slice-and-serve perfectly cooked pork in a fraction of the time. A true center cut loin that is all white meat, super juicy and fork tender. Great for catering, banquets and busy gourmet kitchens and, of course, a la carte dining.

TIME SAVED: 2-3 hrs.

Pork Shank

At home on any menu from elegant to casual to steakhouse. Fall-off-the-bone tenderness, succulent flavor and great plate presentation make this pork shank a trend worthy addition to your menu.

TIME SAVED: 3.5 hrs.

Pork Belly

Slabs, strips, or portions, this pork belly is as versatile as it is decadently delicious. Tender, juicy and literally bursting with top grade pork flavor. See a video!

TIME SAVED: 3-4 hrs.

Boneless Pork
Shoulder Butt

From a beautiful roast pork dinner to a traditional pulled pork sandwich and everything in between, this multi-use product explodes with juicy pork flavor.

TIME SAVED: 10-12 hrs.

Cooked Pork Ribs

Fall-off-the-bone tender ribs! Time saved is time earned and that philosophy makes these ribs a must in any busy kitchen. Choose our St. Louis Ribs or our Baby Back.

TIME SAVED: 2-4 hrs.

Deli Style Pastrami

Pile it high! A 100% usable New York Deli Style pastrami. Perfectly cooked and easy to slice.

TIME SAVED: 2-3 hrs.

Pastrami Round

Split flat bottom round. Pepper crusted and brined in our signature spice blend.

TIME SAVED: 6-8 hrs.

Deli Style Corned Beef

100% usable New York Deli Style corned beef. Brined with our signature blend of spices. This is a corned beef you can't get anywhere else - and you'll never go back.

TIME SAVED: 2-3 hrs.

Cap-Off Corned Beef Royal Round

Excellent choice for flavorful corned beef sandwiches! From the heart of the top round. A lean corned beef with the cap off for maximum yield.

TIME SAVED: 3 hrs.

Corned Beef
Brisket Flat

Our corned beef brisket offers a higher yield than a whole brisket. Carefully trimmed by our expert meat cutters. Excellent sliced thin for sandwiches.

TIME SAVED: 6-9 hrs.

Corned Beef
Eye of Round

Very uniform slices from end to end. Slice thin and serve hot or cold.

TIME SAVED: 3-4 hrs.

Lamb Fore Shank

Perfectly cooked lamb shank in minutes! Fall-off-the-bone tender lamb fore shanks. Neutral flavor profile to allow for the addition of your favorite spice profile or sauce.

TIME SAVED: 3.5 hrs.

Competition Ready
Smoked Beef Brisket

Beautifully trimmed top choice Angus beef brisket. Just out of the smoker appearance with a deep smoked bark and that tell-tale smoke ring.

TIME SAVED: 10-12 hrs.

Smoked St. Louis Pork Ribs

Fully cooked. Heat and Serve.
Add your own signature sauce.

Smoked Pork Butt

Fully cooked. Heat and Serve.

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