Midwest Kitchens Sous Vide Cooked Meats

Gourmet Cooked Meats

We produce the highest quality cooked meats in the food service industry. Every product is a carefully crafted masterpiece. The convenience of precooked, with the juicy tenderness of fresh from the oven.

Tend-R-Braise Cooked Meats

Hand trimmed, vacuum sealed meats evenly cooked slow and low in their own juices. Consistently tender, juicy and flavorful product.

Authentic Deli Meats

Authentic New York Style Deli meats, perfectly cooked, bursting with flavor and ready to pile high!

Cap-Off Royal Round

“Perfect Roast Beef” A completely cleaned cap-off royal round made from only the heart of the top round.  Cooked to a beautiful medium rare and very user-friendly due to the meat grain running in one direction.

Perfect Roast Beef

Pork Belly

Slow cooked so it renders down while basting in its own natural juices. Cooked to well done and ready for your culinary imagination.

Midwest Kitchens Sous Vide Cooked Pork Belly

Tender Chuck Roll

Classic big beef flavor that can be utilized for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cooked well done to a perfect “pull apart” tenderness.

Sous Vide Cooked Chuck Roll

Prime Rib

Your prime rib prepared the exact same way every time. Cooked to medium rare so you can finish the product based on your customer’s needs.  Also an excellent product for grilling as a steak.

Sous Vide Cooked Prime Rib

Boneless Beef Chuck Short Ribs

On trend and prized for their rich, beefy flavor. Perfectly suited for al a carte dinning and great for banquets.
Available in Medium Rare and Well Done.

Sous Vide Cooked Short Rib

Pork Shank

At home on any menu from elegant, to casual to steakhouse. Fall-off-the-bone tenderness, succulent flavor and great plate presentation make this pork shank a trend worthy addition to your menu.

Sous Vide Cooked Short Rib

Boneless Pork Shoulder Butt

From a beautiful roast pork dinner to a traditional pulled pork sandwich and everything in between, this multi-use product explodes with juicy pork flavor.

Sous Vide Cooked Short Rib

Pork Loin

Char-broil, bake, fry, heat in bag. An all purpose winner for any kitchen. Juicy and tender every time. Ready for your food service application.

Sous Vide Cooked Short Rib

Mastercarve Roast

Made from a tightly trimmed flat bottom round.  Cooked to medium for those wanting a “middle of the road” doneness.

Sous Vide Cooked Prime Rib

Corned Beef

Brined with our signature “old world style” mix of big, bold spices and slow cooked in its own juices to lock in every ounce of flavor. Uniquely lean providing a 100% usable product.

Sous Vide Cooked Short Rib


A classic New York style deli meat. Expertly brined and rubbed with a peppery spice blend. Slow cooked in its own juices. 100% usable slices from end to end.

Sous Vide Cooked Short Rib


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